Edited Video Showreels for Actors


Showcase your acting experience and talent by presenting your next Casting Director with a professionally edited compilation of your best performances.

No matter what format you have your source material, we can edit you a single clip that you can use when applying for castings and for your own self-publicity.


The Process

  • Step One -  Book a Briefing Session to meet at my London studio. Bring your source material and discuss what you want to achieve with the edit.

  • Step Two - After the briefing, a “Preview Edit” will be created for you giving you the opportunity to suggest changes or tweaks and that will be made in the “Final Edit”.


  • Step Three - The Final Edit will be burnt to a DVD and dispatched to you via First Class Royal Mail.



  • Special Offer Price for Winter 2014 - £99 (usually £149)



  • What format can I provide you with the source material in?
    • Almost any, we’re used to handling media from various formats, whether from Mac or PC.

  • Do you include an edited montage?
    • No, these are actually considered cheesy by casting Directors and preferred convention is to show short sequences of your best performances instead.

  • Am I able to put my contact details at the end of the video?
    • Completely up to you, but absolutely. You’re welcome to include items such as phone number, website, email address or Spotlight Pin.

  • Are you able to start or end the video with my Acting Headshot?
    • Yes, absolutely.

  • What format will the edited clip be in?
    • We encode edited clips in to the MPEG4 format using the H.264 at the resolution of your highest source clip. This is the optimal format for YouTube/Vimeo is one of the most highly compatible.

  • What is typical turnaround time for an edit?
    • Usually we create your preview edit in 7 days of the Briefing Session, and your final edit within another 7 days of receiving your feedback. If you need your clip editing faster, please mention this at the time of your briefing and we’ll do our best to fast-track the edit.