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London Fashion Shoot on Brick Lane with Blogger Thuy Pham

January 14, 2014  •  Leave a Comment
NEW FOR THIS YEAR I'm going to be uploading more "Behind the Scenes" photos as I work..... here's a snap previewed in Adobe Lightroom with basic colour grading applied that I took today near Brick Lane in London of fashion blogger Thuy Pham. 
Thuy was seeking the "outfit of the day style" shoot for her fashion blog that's in keeping with the look that's currently trending heavily on Pinterest and other sites. 
I went with an 85mm lens shooting wide open at f/1.8 to give this beautiful depth of field (background blur). In this shot we found a fantastic street with some great colours and textures. I especially liked the rustic vibe in this shot. Thuy Pham Fashion Blogger - Brick Lane, London

Happy for Insurance!

December 10, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

So, insurance is something a lot of amateur photographers don't bother with..... even some pros don't. 99.9% of time it's dead money..... but thankfully, I had it when it mattered! 

I was recently doing a video shoot outside in Finsbury Park, London, when I went to move my camera bag..... I didn't notice that the bottom section was wide open, and to my woe, my Canon f/1.4 50mm tumbled out on to concrete! I immediately knew it wouldn't be good... the UV filter was shattered and something didn't feel right when I handled the lens.

Later at home I examined it, and something internally had broken and it wouldn't autofocus.... although in manual, it did actually seem fine. 

Anyway, long story cut short... I phoned up Photoguard and for an excess of £50, I can send the thing off to Canon and get them to repair it. They actually do a fixed price repair on that lense for £180 so paying the excess really isn't that bad! So, sometime soon I need to drop it off at Calumet on Wardour Street London (the place to go when you need professional kit on the highstreet!)

Summary: Insurance = money well spent when you've an expensive camera bag and take it in to the field!

New Website Launched!

November 10, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Finally, after much deliberation I decided to drop the dark black themed template that I've been using for two years in favor of a more fresh looking white and blue theme. It's hard to let go of something you've created and had for a while, but I like the new style and hope you agree!

Also, in the new version you'll find new set packages for my photography and I've split my gallery of my work up to in to sections: Portrait Showcase, Assorted Headshots and Fashion & Glamour.

The final part of my relaunch is this blog which I'm hoping to add to every week. Stay tuned for updates on my photoshoots and behind the scenes images!